DO YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF LEADER YOU ARE? Today, in modernity and with the new human sciences discovered and developed, systematic changes are taking place in the consciousness of the planet’s leaders. This book comes to discover and reveal that motivation and will will be the most important steps for a good leader, through a simple equation that allows taking the theoretical approach to leadership into practice.

The author takes you to take a look at your trajectory from both ways: being directed and directing, to understand the natural causes for which leadership has not worked for you or you do not carry it within.
Without a doubt, he leaves us a lesson to head towards a better version of humans in the search of leading our best team: the family!

Alejandra Briones

During our life we ​​develop in different environments and circumstances and in many we come out successful or defeated, but always with something to improve. It is thus that works like this one are critical, obligatory reading and implementation for all people and in all areas of companies that seek to improve themselves. Leadership is possibly one of the least discussed and understood topics in our Latin American countries and that is where I see that this work can contribute greatly. Finally, the book is easy to read and has many references that invite you to investigate more on the subject.

Carlos Gonzalez